Feng Shui Design Tips For Good Health

The technique of Feng Shui home decorating is gaining popularity in this modern world. Even though this is not a modern practice and is quite old, still people use it for boosting well being and growth of their homes. If you are planning a new home then you can do it with Feng Shui home decorating or in your existing home you can utilize its techniques. Simple use the appropriate layout and enjoy a living space that is positive.

Plan Every Room
Feng Shui designs give stress on position, so don’t ignore point before you build your house. There was a time when people used to worry about Feng Shui home decorating, regarding the placement of room. A Lou Pan, or Chinese compass, is mostly utilized for determining the ideal locations for every room in your home. With the help of this compass you can find the qi flow direction. It is not necessary to have a Lou Pan, as the same can be done with a traditional compass.

The use of these tools can be seen in the Eight House theory and the Flying School theory. Use of the Eight House theory serves as a general guide and utilizes the compass direction as well as the date of birth of the person for determining an ideal layout. On the other hand the Flying School theory gives information in more detail and is usually utilized after the reading of preliminary Eight House.

Ceiling Height
Ceiling height is important too when it comes to Feng Shui home decorating. There is no doubt a high ceiling makes a room look big and open but this is not a good option for every rooms. For example bedrooms should be design in such a manner that the environment becomes cozy and intimate. It is not a good idea to have high ceilings in these parts of the home. In Feng Shui home decorating the exposed beams are not considered good. Any visible beam can give rise to a bad flow of qi which can cause problems to relationship and health that’s what is believed.

Shape and Focus
In majority of home designs the rooms are either in square or rectangular shape. There is nothing unique about the shape but in reality these shapes are ideal for smooth flow of qi. Any other odd shape will cause obstruction in the flow of qi which further give rise to problems to the ones who are living there. You cannot do anything to change the shape even with Feng Shui decoration

There is one more such issue i.e. circular staircases and other such unique designs. Such odd designs can have a negative impact on the flow of energy. However, if its placement is correct then this can become beneficial. If you want circular staircases then choose a positive source in your home.

With the help of these Feng Shui home decorating methods or techniques you can achieve optimum flow of positive energy flow in your living environment. Another important thing is to decide the kind of furniture you like to choose for your home and we will talk about it in our other article. Keep in mind the main focus of Feng Shui home decorating is on harmony and position. The design of a home matters a lot if it is good then the whole environment that in turn spread positive energy and happiness all around.

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